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Andy Dalkin for Lake County





Your Money, Your Voice, Your County

In Lake County, it's your hard-earned money we're spending, not the government's. That means a commitment to no waste, no funding for projects or programs that don't directly benefit the people of our community.

I'm Andy Dalkin, and I'm here to ensure your tax dollars are put to good use. My pledge is clear:

  • I'll work diligently within a sensible, balanced budget, and when possible, I'll cut taxes to ease the burden on your wallet.
  • I'll be upfront, honest, and transparent about how your money is spent. You know how to manage your finances better than the government ever could.
  • I'll provide unwavering leadership, collaborating with local leaders to find practical solutions to our shared challenges.
  • But above all, I'm here to listen to you and champion your concerns on the County Board.

I'm honored to be the Republican nominee for Lake County's 12th District, but what truly matters is your voice. Regardless of your political affiliation—be it Republican, Democratic, or Independent at the federal and state levels—I aim to shift the tone and provide local leadership through collaboration. Let's work together to make your voice heard. Please get involved, share your ideas, and contribute to the positive change our county deserves.

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Andy Dalkin for Lake County