I am thrilled to share with you a key initiative in my vision to make Lake County the greenest county in Illinois by 2030. As a passionate advocate for our beautiful Lake County Forest Preserves and Lake Forest Open Lands Association, I am committed to expanding these precious green spaces by 10% by 2027.


What's even more exciting is that we can achieve this environmental goal without imposing new burdens on taxpayers. I am dedicated to finding fiscally responsible solutions that will enhance our county's environmental sustainability while respecting the hardworking taxpayers of Lake County.

Over the next few months, I will be unveiling additional parts of my comprehensive plan. My team and I are actively meeting with community leaders to explore innovative, taxpayer-friendly ways to achieve our environmental goals.

Your support is crucial in this endeavor. If you believe in a greener future for Lake County, please add your name to our petition by clicking the button below.

Together, we can create a more vibrant and sustainable Lake County for all.

Warm regards,

Andy Dalkin

Candidate for Lake County Board