I sought out the Police Chiefs serving Bannockburn and Deerfield this month to get a better idea of what they see as priorities for our community. 

The chiefs are both fantastic public servants, who are dedicated to the highest level of police work in the country.  Both gentlemen told me that they are worried about how new Illinois laws could make our community less safe.

I also heard about innovative new ways our local police forces are tracking criminals. For example, a South American perpetrator was apprehended after strategic video footage identified a car he had rented in Miami. 

Our police do more than catch bad-guys. They are in our schools supporting the students, they are out in the pouring rain when ditches need clearing, and they are even reuniting lost dogs with their owners!

We are very lucky in our communities to have such dedicated pubic servants who go to work each day willing to put their own safety on the line for us if need be. I plan to engage the Lake Forest and Highland Park police this month, as well as the Lake County Sheriff's office as I continue my listening tour!